Large Bites

REALLY Big Bites

served with house salad, caesar or chef’s soup of the day

Blackstrap Molasses Glazed 1lb. Meatloaf

topped with bacon, smoked ham hock gravy, twice baked mash, sauteed vegetables and crispy onions

Pepper Grilled Mushroom Sirloin

8oz. grilled sirloin, sauteed button mushrooms, caramelized onions,  brick’s butter, twice baked mash, sauteed vegetables and balsamic reduction

Calves Liver And Onions

12oz. thinly sliced calves liver pan seared medium, kentucky bourbon peppercorn sauce, simple mash, topped with bacon and caramelized onions

Potato Crusted Tilapia

7oz. tilapia, lightly potato crusted with parmesan butter, sweet potato fries, and skillet seasoned vegetables

The Importance Of The Cottage Pie

8oz. ground sirloin, sauteed with fresh vegetables and potatoes in a light cream sauce, topped with bacon, scallions, and cheddar mash, served with garlic and cheese bread

Brick Fried Chicken

12oz. all white boneless chicken breast, dipped in buttermilk, seasoned with twelve herbs and spices, breaded and fried, smoked ham hock gravy, simple mash and vegetables

Steak And Potatoes

16oz. peppercorn crusted sirloin, brick’s balsamic steak butter, simple mash and vegetables

Boom Boom Shrimp And Crab Cakes

8oz. jumbo blue crab and wild shrimp cakes, lightly battered and fried, served with spicy boom boom sauce, simple mash and vegetables

One Cake 14.95
Two Cakes 20.95
Chicken Pot Pie

all white chicken breast meat sauteed with garden vegetables, bacon and potatoes, topped with a crispy puff pastry, simple mash and vegetables

Country Fried Steak

8oz. ground sirloin, lightly crusted and fried crisp, topped with smoked bacon gravy, twice baked mash, sauteed vegetables and crispy onion straws

St. Louis BBQ Glazed Ribs

smothered in brick’s bbq sauce, served on a top of crispy fries with coleslaw

Full Rack 25.95
Half Rack 16.95
Chicken Big Ma Mou

blackened chicken, tomatoeses, bell peppers, garlic, big ma mou orleans-style tomatoes sauce over linguin pasta, parmeasan cheese and garlic cheese bread

The Mac Daddy

macaroni with american and cheddar cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoeses, chopped parsley, served with garlic and cheese bread


From The Fryer

Boom Boom Fried Oysters

brick dust breader, house boom sauce, ranch, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, choice of side

10pc. 1/3lb. 10.95
20pc. 2/3lb. 16.95
30pc. 1lb. 22.95
Brick’s Fried Shrimp

wild american white shrimp, brick dust breader, assorted dips, choice of side

10pc. 1/3lb. 11.95
20pc. 2/3lb. 17.95
30pc. 1lb. 24.95
Baja Fried Flounder Tacos

three flour tortillas stuffed with fried local flounder, baja coleslaw, pico de gallo, sauteed zucchini, chipotle cream, salsa, choice of side

Fish And Chips

guiness battered flounder filets, tartar sauce, kickin’ cocktail sauce, lemon, choice of side

Full 16.95
Half 10.95